What's New at Cicero's Vestibulum

Sunday 28 April 2002: Well, after a short hiatus, my web site is back online. Now that it is summer, I should be back to writing soon. I've also added to new fandoms to my interests (Garak and Bashir from DS9 and Sam and Al from Quantum Leap).

Monday 11 March 2002: Yikes, it's been almost a year since I've last updated my site! I am so sorry, but school has gotten in the way of my lesure pursuits. In this update, I've added a couple of links, as well as my short bio. I hope to have more soon on my Inspector Morse story and my radio parodies.

Sunday 22 July 2001: I have cleaned up the index page a bit, added and deleted some links on the Links page. I have also added a new Due South story, "I Won't Cry for Yesterday" on the Fiction page. And last, I have added the lovely banner that Ashiae has made for my page to the Index page for anyone who would like to use it if they link to me.

Saturday 23 June 2001: I have switched email addresses from Cicerotheorator@aol.com to Cicero@sockiipress.org. Therefore, I had to reload all the stories after I changed my email address on them. I have also added the 1st part of "My Fair Benny" to my Fiction page, as well as the 1st part of Part 2 of my Inspector Morse story, "Orpheus and Eurydice" (confused yet?).

Saturday 31 March 2001: I have added a new background to all of the pages.

Saturday 24 March 2001: I have moved to a new web address. I added a Due South snapshot to the Fiction page. I've prettied up my front page and fiction page with pictures.

Saturday 10 March 2001: I have added the rest of Part 1 to Orpheus and Eurydice.

Saturday 3 March 2001: I have added the "What's New?" page. I have also added another part to Orpheus and Eurydice, and two new Due South Stories to my Fiction page. I also added and updated my Links page.