Cicero's Biography

Hello everyone,

I know y'all are just so interested in my story, so finally I sat down to write it and post it up. It's kind of short and sketchy, with big gaps, but I think it covers the basics.

In real life, I am a university student majoring in Latin and minoring in education. I like to study the history, culture, and literature of the Romans. Some of my favorite Latin authors are Plautus, Cicero (of course), and Catullus. I also like to read about British and Russian history, British literature, and the Ancient Egyptians.

Some of my favorite television shows are Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Power Puff Girls, Whose Line is it Anyway?, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, Due South, Quantum Leap, Inspector Morse, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. I also like the Garak episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Why did I pick this nom de plume? I happen to like Cicero. I find him an interesting person, even if I don't agree with everything he says. Also, it is a unique name, and it sounds funny when you say it in the original Latin (i.e. with a hard "c"). And, Cicero means "chickpea".

And in case you are wondering, a vestibulum is the courtyard of a Roman house.